The Andromache – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


The Andromache – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


v     The man lies on his back, legs slightly apart.


v     The woman positioned on her knees, torso upright, above him.



v     Keep an eye on movements of your partner. Too fiery or too sudden, they could fold your penis and make painful report.


v     Pat with your hands erogenous zones (breasts, buttocks, lower abdomen …) and the sex of your partner during the act to amplify the excitement.



v     for a pleasant change, instead of kneeling over the man, use the squatting position.



v     Section G of the woman is stimulated.


v     Man can reach all parts of the body of his partner and stimulate them with caresses.

v     Great freedom of movement for the couple.



v     thigh muscles are highly stressed.


v     Depending on the angle of penetration, this position may be uncomfortable for humans.


Andromache's position may carry out many positions such as overlapping, the position of the goddess, the pillar of Yin & Yang of the frog, the mill, the union suspended …