The Greyhound – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position

The Greyhound – Kamasutra - Hindu Sex Position


v     woman on all fours.

v     The man is positioned behind, kneeling between the legs of his partner and enters.



v     Enlaces your partner in extending your torso against her back to increase the contact area.

v     Stimulate the clitoris and the breasts of your partner using your hands to increase her pleasure



v     Then using either your hands but on your elbows, you change the angle of penetration and friction for more intense sensations



v     excitation important for both partners do not face (exacerbates fantasies)

v     strong and deep penetration resulting in intense sensations for both partners.

v     Ideal for pregnant women and people of high body mass



v     penetration too deep can cause vaginal pain.



The position of the greyhound may carry out many positions such as position of the elephant, spoons, wolves, bees, monkey